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One of the best things I have ever done being an Artist & Entrepreneur

One of the best things I did as an artist is to realize that I also need to be a business person. I already knew how to be an artist, but realizing that I was also in charge of keeping my career afloat took more than understanding how to create. I needed to take on a new role in my life. The Chatham University Center for Women's Entrepreneurship was exactly what I needed. I applied and was accepted into the Incubate-Her program along side my business partner at the time, Oreen Cohen. We spent 15 months in intensive training focused on all aspects of business. It was transformative! Along side my cohort of amazing business women focused on bringing their ideas to a bigger audience. From making a business plan to accounting, we dove in deep. I loved every minute of it! Now when I see these women in the wild, I feel a sense of a sisterhood knowing that all that knew and grew together has been serving us so we can serve our community!

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