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Meet Alison

As an artist, I specialize in painting murals, hand-painted signs, and logos for businesses, communities, and private residencies. I have worked with Disney/Pixar, and have been featured in Shady Ave Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Pittsburgh Magazine, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and the Daniel Tiger Show, and my art is collected throughout the United States.

As an educator, I develop engaging, child-centered arts programming in classrooms throughout Pittsburgh. My ability to communicate concepts creatively and effectively extends to my students, their parents, my colleagues, and the school community.

Alison's Portrait
Beechwood Education


I aspire to spread my love for art and creativity to the next generation which is why I feel passionately about  teaching students art! I have a BA in Art Education and am certified to teach art in the state of PA. I have years of experience teaching to different demographics of students. 


I believe that community is an integral part of the creative process. Art can be a powerful way to bring people together, build relationships, and foster a sense of belonging.Art is an integral part of our lives and our community, and I am committed to doing as much as I can to ensure that art is accessible to everyone.

Latino Community Center

Want to stay updated?

 I love to share behind-the-scenes of my work!

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