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Alison Zapata

Visual Artist | Educator

What do I do?

With every art piece, I strive to create work that excites while telling a story.  I know that if I am creating something that I can pour my heart and soul into, it will live in that piece and radiate joy for many years to come. 

Pittsburgh Mural Zapata Legacy of a Butterfly.jpg

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OOA Designs - Grit Flow Grow - 2022-11-22-033.jpg

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Hire me to add fun to a corporate setup!

Spruce up your office or workspace by adding color and creativity customized to your needs.

My Instagram Feed

Hey there!

Aspinwall Alison Zapata

Hey there!  I'm Alison Zapata, visual artist, muralist and art educator. I have been painting murals since 2005 for businesses, homes, and communities. I would love to work with you to bring your ideas to fruition!  

Recent Work

Aspinwall Friends

Check out some of my recent art pieces!  I have been busy painting vibrant murals out in the community.  They are really something to see in person!  

Let's discuss my art!

Feel free to ask me any questions.

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